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Student Discount Car Insurance – Tips for Buying

Most students do not have the luxury of unlimited money, so car insurance is an expense that they often try to do without. But, while you might be saving a little money right now, the cost of driving without insurance, even if you never have an accident, can be much higher, later down the road. To make sure that you are protected, it is important to have insurance and to make sure that you have the right kind. To bring down the costs, look for as many student discounts as possible.

Student Discount Car Insurance: It Does Exist!

The first step to finding good coverage at an affordable cost for students is to start shopping for quotes. When looking for insurance quotes, there are a few questions that you should be asking. Those questions include:

Student Discount Car Insurance

  • What levels of insurance coverage do you offer for students?
  • How many different student discounts do you offer?
  • How do I qualify for your student discounts? (Each company sets different standards.)
  • Do you have discounts for safety equipment?
  • Can I get a discount for paying ahead?
  • Do you offer other specialty discounts that may depend on the school I am enrolled in or the program I am taking?

Once you find two different insurance companies that have the best answers to the majority of your questions, you can ask for a more comprehensive quote so that you can compare the actual costs.

Why Student Discount Car Insurance Makes Sense

Most car insurance companies know that students cannot afford expensive coverage and that most of them do not have cars that are valuable enough to even make that coverage worth it. Student discount car insurance should also be considered because:

  • It can serve as a financial incentive to maintain good grades. Good student discounts are based on having a set grade point or letter grade. If the student loses that discount, he or she may not be able to afford insurance coverage.
  • Certain types of programs may qualify for additional insurance discounts. For instance, some companies may give discounts for those who are in teaching programs or in the medical field.
  • Certain schools are backed by or affiliated with insurance companies and may get additional discounts for the students.

Look for Student Discount Car Insurance: Establish Your Own Name and Credit

As a high school student, it is likely that your car insurance is either as a rider or an addendum to your parent’s policy, no matter how much of the premium amount that you pay for it. When you apply for credit, it will show nothing under your name- even though you have been faithfully paying your premium all along. Buying auto insurance for yourself on your own vehicle will establish your name in the world of credit.

To make sure that it is a positive:

  • Always pay at least the minimum amount due, on time.
  • Never let your insurance lapse if you can avoid it. Never let it get outright cancelled for any reason.